Based on literature we have designed good outdoor lessons. These were given to primary school children. In a pre- and post design we could establish that these outdoor lessons often had a positive effect on the well-being, engagement and learning outcomes of the children. 

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“We do research about outdoor education because we want to know the effects on learning, engagement and wellbeing in order to see if there are difference between lessons outside and inside” The collaboration of the primary school Windekind has helped us to perform the lessons and discover more about this area.  


The teachers gave pupils a questionnaire before and after the lessons so that we could estimate their opinion about lessons in class and outdoors. In addition, we wanted to know the pupil’s thoughts on these classes, so we asked them to draw a face (very sad, sad, neutral, happy, very happy) on a questionnaire before and after the lesson, depending on whether they enjoyed our way of teaching. We used Laever’s method to measure pupils’ well-being low, medium or high. We chose a few kids randomly to observe their behavior during the classes. Also, we used the system Mihaly’s Flow to estimate the children’s “flow” during a class, which depends on their skills and the challenge that the course presents to them.    


In conclusion, we can say that the outdoor education can help to increase well-being, emotional state of mind and learning gain.  Also, teachers filled a survey. This indicated that they think more about the outdoor lessons. Many teachers feel more motivated to use this outdoor education after our research and they say that our ideas helped them.  

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Amber Boghemans, Jana Goots, Laura Molinos, Stavroula Piperaki, Hanne Schenck, Kato Stas, Nikki Valckx, Ignacio Vicente 


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